Services are carried out under conditions stipulated in a concluded agreement or in an order accepted by our company. We do not care about a type of a controlled material or assorted parts during carrying out our tasks. We control whatever is within the scope of our field.

We are able to provide you with our specialists for constant monitoring. We use our own working and safety equipment. Continuous communication with our customers during commissions is our preference.


Visual control and assortment of spare parts

The goal of each control is a diligent assortment of spare parts. . In particular, the parts which cannot be used in another manufacturing process or production.By pure visual control, we reveal defects, which usually appear after press of plastic parts or parts made from any alloys, in any material.


A documentation service is necessary

We send the entire related documentation – a form of assorted documents, worked-out hours and a methodical workflow – as soon as defective parts have been sorted out. We will send you a sorting-out-record on a subsequent day after a commission is finished. Or according to your demands.

In the event of a visit of a customer, we arrange preparation of all documents. And not even this.


We also manage the following tasks:

  • small repairs of spare parts
  • removal of burrs
  • cleaning of spare parts
  • degreasing of spare parts

We will arrange:

  • accommodation in apartments of ReVa Czech or in the hotel;
  • a lift in the event of your demand;
  • transport of calibration devices, measuring devices and materials;
  • rental of vehicles (including a driver);
  • an interpreter working in any common language;
  • organization of conferences and work meetings;
  • and an access to a phone, facsimile or computer.